Softball Dream Now Reality

She watches as Texas plains become Colorado mountains. She’s nervous, but confident. She’s been waiting for this moment since she was a little girl when she picked up her first bat and glove at age seven. 

 “I fell in love with the game, I’ve known from the beginning I wanted to play in college,” Senior Olivia Wick said. 

Wick verbally committed to Regis University on a softball scholarship on Sept. 9. She flew in with her Mom, Audra Wick, who has been by her side since day one of her softball career and recruiting process. They spent two days in Colorado visiting the university and meeting with different coaches and staff on campus.

Wick smiles with her Regis t-shirt on, her new university she will attend to play softball. (Audra Wick )


Olivia has been on the varsity Lady Cougars softball team all four years. Olivia is an outfielder, but she can play first and third base. Her freshman year, the team became the district champions and went to the state semi-finals.

 “Sophomore year COVID hit, but we were on our way to winning the district,” Wick said. “Last  year was a little rough with us placing 3rd in district.” 

Freshman year she received “District Utility Player of the Year” award as well as “Newcomer of the Year” for the Dallas Morning News. Sophomore year she got “District Utility Player of the Year” again. This year, Olivia is focused on contributing more as a leader because the team lost last year’s seniors.

“I’m stepping up, I’m becoming a teacher for others on the team all while trying to get better myself,” Wick said.

As an athlete who has been playing for so long she has had plenty of thoughts about giving up or quitting. 

“Sometimes it was really tough to keep going, but I just told myself to push through it for the bigger goal, for what I wanted [to play in college],” Wick said. 

She talked herself through rough patches by building up her self confidence to realize it’s just a game.

There have been many times where she has stayed after school to hit and work on fielding and this has helped her a lot because she is getting extra reps, which has really helped her become the player she is today,” Sabrina said. “She also finds ways to practice softball at home and this just makes her an even better player.

— Sabrina Wick

 “I started playing because it was fun and I take it seriously, but not too seriously to the point where I’m still having fun and being the best I can be,” Wick said.

 Olivia has had the opportunity to play softball with her sister Sabrina Wick during high school.

“I really enjoy playing with Olivia because it helps bring us closer together and she is more experienced so it’s really helpful to me because she can guide me and help me when I do something wrong,” Sabrina said.

Sabrina has also had the opportunity to see first hand how hard Olivia has worked on and off the field. 

“There have been many times where she has stayed after school to hit and work on fielding and this has helped her a lot because she is getting extra reps, which has really helped her become the player she is today,” Sabrina said. “She also finds ways to practice softball at home and this just makes her an even better player.”

Wick playing outfielder at a game last season. She caught the ball. (Audra Wick )

Assistant softball coach Ashlee Wilkerson has had the pleasure of being with Olivia on the field and in the classroom for the last four years.

“Olivia is a coach’s dream and an opponent’s nightmare,” Wilkerson said. “Olivia is a versatile and confident player, but she is also humble. Defensively, she has grown into a utility player for us, so you will see her all over the field because she plays multiple positions now. Offensively, she is a big threat because she has speed, but she also hits for power. So, basically she is an opponent’s nightmare because she performs well in so many aspects of the game.”


Regis University contacted Wick and said that they had their eye on her when they saw her at a tournament this summer in Colorado. Once they were interested the coaches started calling and began communicating with her, and she became closer with the coaching staff. 

“I went to visit the campus and they offered me,” Wick said. “They had mentioned that they were going to offer me [a scholarship], but I didn’t get the specifics until I got there.” 

During the visit she was offered a scholarship. Olivia accepted the offer. This was the moment she had been working for her whole life. From that first time she put on the glove. 

“After I committed there was definitely a huge weight lifted off my shoulders,” Wick said. “I’m glad I don’t have to deal with this recruiting process anymore. Now I can have a fun and successful senior year.”

Regis offered Olivia both an academic and softball scholarship. She finally found what is going to be her new home, and doesn’t have to worry about it any longer.

 “I accepted because if I like it so much why wouldn’t I commit there,” Wick said.

Wick hits the ball in her freshman year. Her freshman year she was third at bat. (Courtesy photo)

She hopes to go out there and be the best player she can be, all while getting her degree. Regis University is known for their medical school, and she will be a part of the pre-pharmacy program.

“I’m getting to do my degree and play softball, so it’s the best of both worlds.” Wick said.

She wants to maintain a high GPA the rest of high school and throughout college. The biggest thing for her will be time management. 

“Realizing I’m a student athlete but school comes first, because that’s the whole reason I’m there,” Wick said.

Sophomore Sabrina has been  fortunate enough to get to play on the field with her sister for two years.

“She is very coachable which helps her grow as a player in both physical and mental parts of the game. I’ll mainly miss her in general, but I will also miss getting to talk to her during the games,” Sabrina said.

Olivia’s family, friends, coaches and teammates are proud of her and all the hard work she has put in to get to where she is now. They can’t wait to see what she will accomplish during her last year as a Colony Cougar and next year as a Regis Ranger.

“It’s a bigger team and a higher level of playing, everything is faster and bigger,” Wick said. “It’s just a new learning process I’m going to have to get used to, but I’m excited for it.”