Game Day Spotlight: TCHS Cheer leads the way to spirited game days


Ethan Bezich

Talent, hard work and spirit surge through The Colony High School’s cheer squad as they conquer the sidelines.

With the shake of their black and gold pom poms and the Cougar mascot running through the stands, the spirit of The Colony High School runs fluid within the Cheer squad.

“Going out there and seeing all the hard work pay off is great,” Senior Cheerleader Kenrianna Childers, said. “The crowd’s energy hypes everyone up.”

Being in the crowd at TCHS home games is an experience that many students will never forget, even long after graduating. From the music of roaring cheers to the thunder of stomping the stands, game day in Texas is a tradition that never accepts the bare minimum.

“We are the ambassadors and leaders of the school,” Senior Cheer Captain Miranda Cuellar said. “I need to make sure everybody is always on top of their game.”

The cheer teams work extensively on their routines and lines in order to perform them not only on game day, but for the pep rally before it. 

While the cheer stunts and calls bring out passion and thrill, Senior Cheerleader Karlie Romero aims to unite the student body from behind the face of the Cougar mascot. 

“I love having a good time with the crowd and encouraging school spirit among them.” Romero said.  “I want them to be proud of being a part of The Colony High School.”

This is Romero’s second year as The Colony’s mascot, and despite remaining underneath a costume, her overall goal on game day is to put a smile on people’s faces. 

“It’s really fun to be a character,” Romero said. “Just to cheer people up, because you don’t know what people are going through.”

The Colony Cheer works hard to raise the school’s morale. Facing challenges and working together to put smiles on the faces of The Colony. 

“We’re like a big family,” Romero said. “Cheer can get a little stressful at times because we are doing difficult things, but since it’s a super big program, it’s a lot of fun.”

Cheer takes a lot of time, but the members of this team have shown their dedication to not only their sport, but school spirit. Despite the long hours and grueling conditions there may be, the cheerleaders always show up with their proudest smiles and loudest voices while encouraging the crowd to cheer on the team.

“Going out there and seeing our work pay off is great,” Cuellar said. “We feed off the crowd’s energy; it hypes us up.” 

TCHS Cheer can be found on the sidelines of the upcoming football matchup on Sept. 10 when The Colony faces off against FW South Hills at 7 p.m on the road at Herman Clark Stadium.