Artistic Light


Halle Hanson, Writer

Roger Light has made his mark on The Colony High School’s campus through his excellence in the field of art.

Throughout the year, Light displays works for students, staff and faculty to see as staples of creativity on campus. From small portraits to large-scale creations, Light consistently strives to add touches of color to school walls. 

But being surrounded by these creations is nothing new to Light. In fact, his artistic journey began inside the walls of his own childhood home, where he developed a heart for art. 

“My mother was an artist, she got me into art classes,” Light said. 

His passion developed through numerous different mediums, he said, from the beginnings of macaroni art and finger paintings to now extremely detailed murals, Light’s passion for art has been a constant.

“He likes to work on other projects, whether it be personal work or not, because he gets to show his passion.” Art teacher Jordan Easley said.

Light’s personal efforts, though, have been a segway to becoming a cornerstone in The Colony’s art department. 

“He truly adds a lot to the community,” Easley said. “One, he’s wildly talented, so he inspires others, and two, he’s got a great personality, so he brings a lot of lightheartedness and humor to the department which makes it fun to be in.” 

His inspiration at the school influences his students and motivates them to challenge themselves as artists. His assignments often consist of wide ranges of mediums that allow students to explore art and get an idea of what they may be interested in pursuing.

“He’s a really good mentor and operates through his art,” Sophomore Lexi Griffin said. “I think art is a great subject and Mr.light is a good teacher for it.”

Light holds his students to a higher standard, because he wants to be there for them and encourage them each step of the way, just like his mother did for him, he said. His vision, as a teacher, is to see his students succeed in art now, so that they can succeed in the art world outside of school.

 “Mr. Light has high standards because he’s so gifted himself and spent so many years as an artist that like he has a greatest artist eye,” Easley added. “He is a valuable asset to his students because he is able to look at it from an artist’s point of view and give feedback. 

As a role model for students wishing to pursue art, Light seeks to influence his students, push them to greatness, while also modeling skillful artistry for them, Easley said, to give them the best perspective of what they’re doing.

“its really nice to see the students get more excited about art as the year goes on” Light said

Through decades of ventures in the art world, Light is now spread his knowledge, passion and interest in art to students at TCHS while being a pillar of creativity both inside the classroom and outside.