Game Day Spotlight Countdown: Cougar Crew provides invigorating spark for game day


Chloe McKinnie

 Through several years and dozens of auditions, the latest Cougar Crew squad is ready to carry on the torch while being the heart and soul of game day spirit. 

 “I feel like in a way we are the backbone to making Friday night lights amazing.” Senior Anthony Hamilton said. “We are a complete hype squad. We basically come from different areas of life, but we all come together to just have fun.”

Cougar Crew plays a huge part in energizing the student section and highlighting key plays in the game by running across the field with huge flags and using every tool at their disposal to make noise. 

“We’re trying to cheer on the football team. We’re trying to distract the other football team.” Hamilton said. “Trying to get the crowd pepped and ready by running around with little flags when we make a touchdown. Well, not little flags, they’re actually massive. “ 

A specific, bead-filled gadget that the cougar crew uses for home games consists of them filling up helium tanks and spray painting them to say “Cougar Crew”. Once that is done, they fill them with beads that create a loud noise, Senior Shawn Parker said. 

During games the use of cheer pom, balloons, beads, loud music and face paint really puts everyone in the enthusiastic game day mood. 

“I like to do face paint,” Parker said. “ I really feel like it gets me in the sport mode. I’m a theater kid myself so I don’t really do sports- it really makes me feel changed.” 

On the other hand, listening to rap music gets Hamilton  ready for home games. He said it gets him hyped and just reminds him that he’s just there to have fun.

These seniors unite with the cheerleaders on the sidelines constantly maintaining their enthusiastic choreography to keep the energy level up. This leads to everyone feeling involved and uplifted during key parts of the game. 

“We are really just trying to have fun on the sidelines and bring some energy to the student section. Trying to work with them and the cheerleaders to keep the energy level high.” Business teacher Ryan Cruz said. ”For the student section in particular, you see a lot of collaboration with the cheerleaders and kind of joining in on some of their cheers.” 

Cougar nation will be in full force Friday for the first home football game of the season against Royse City at 7 p.m. with jolts of energy from all school spirit squads.