Game Day Spotlight Countdown: TCHS faculty, staff integral to game day culture


Ethan Bezich

A nerve-wracking game day experience has now turned into a lifeline for spirit and community. 

“The first home game I went to, I was a little bit nervous. I just didn’t know what the energy would be like.” English Teacher, Isabelle Ranieri, said. “But by the end of the season, I was totally comfortable going, and I was excited to see my previous students succeed.” 

Getting comfortable in a big crowd can be difficult, but once settled in, students and teachers are an integral part of the game day community.

“I think teachers in general are really trying to encourage students to be part of communities again, especially after Coronavirus, when kids were so separated,” Ranieri said. “We can all be one big community.”

Teachers all across campus take part in game day. The Colony’s faculty displays school pride everywhere, from dressing up in spirit gear to preparing posters to be plastered in the hallways as encouragement for the team.

“I try to participate in the spirit days,” Ranieri said. “I think it inspires students and motivates them.”

Alongside the impact of teachers, a powerful game day experience is a culmination of its players, students, teachers and the voice behind Cougar Nation – Señor Peter Reggie. 

Reggie, a Spanish Teacher at The Colony High school, has been announcing football games for 11 seasons. His job includes play-by-play commentary, announcing player’s names and ultimately providing a fiery, upbeat atmosphere.  

Despite being one of the most underrated aspects of Friday night lights, he has been an integral piece to game days across campus for over a decade.

He’s the messenger of the entire game, describing each action on the field. Now, he has grown to see a once hand-me-down job transform into a pivotal role for Cougar football game day culture. 

“It took me a while to search for a signature sound that I wanted the fans to hear,” Reggie said. “I’ve had my ups and downs, and I’ve learned something new every season. [But now] I am a part of the home crowd experience.” 

Approaching the first home game, Reggie added that he wants everyone to be loud and proud as The Colony Football searches for its first win of the season.