Life Skills’ Snack Cart Returns

Snack Cart back after year without it 

Life skills students are bringing “Snack Cart” back Friday mornings after a year without it due to COVID-19. All items cost one dollar and there will be a new item every week on the cart.  

Each week the life skills class will create a recipe. Using math skills, the students will measure and analyze numbers for recipes as well as distribute the snacks. Life Skills teacher Jennifer Shaw believes that “Snack Cart” is helping the Life Skills students develop abilities for their futures.

“The purpose of the snack cart is to teach the students skills to prepare them for a successful future,” Life Skills teacher Jennifer Shaw said. “Such as money skills, social skills, and problem solving.” 

Because the snack cart is back, the Life Skills students want to make the most of it after a year without it.

“I’m happy that the snack cart is back,” Chris Andrade said. “My favorite part about the snack cart is walking around the halls and distributing the food to the classroom.” 

The Life Skills class hopes that the snack cart will stay in service this school year. Some students have already purchased items during these past couple of weeks.

“I purchased the banana bread and blueberry muffins,” Junior Hailey Hawkins said. “I think the snack cart gives us students a better opportunity, when we are hungry in class.” 

The Life Skills students and leaders are excited to have the snack cart back because they missed it.  

“It’s something that the students missed doing, and so we are hoping that Covid stays away so we can continue the snack cart,” Shaw said.