Seniors to go to Six Flags for senior trip

The class of 2022 is going to Six Flags in Arlington for their senior field trip Friday, May 13. Seniors will be there all day and can get on every ride, without any fees if they paid for the trip beforehand. 

Many seniors have waited since their freshman year for this and they’re very excited to go. This is the first senior trip in two years after cancellation due to to COVID 19. Chloe Jones is a current senior who will attend the senior field trip. Just like most of the other seniors she is relieved and excited to end their year having fun. 

“It’s great getting to be able to experience all the last times as a senior, and you get to experience all of those with your best friends and just finally have all of this come to an end and it be a good end,” Senior Chloe Jones said. 

The cost for the field trip was $60 and included all the fees for the trip. Seniors could also purchase a package that included the senior trip, senior sunrise, senior sunset, the candle lighting and other senior events that the school provides. 

“It’s fun because it brings everyone together like all the seniors and we just have fun for the last few days,“ senior Ann Jacob said.