Multicultural Fair comes to the Library April 18-22

The Annual Multicultural Fair is back


Petter Reggie

A tapestry representing the different cultures and backgrounds at TCHS, that was displayed during last years’ multicultural fair.

Students can attend The Multicultural Fair hosted by the world languages department on April 18-22. The fair will be held in the library and different countries’ cultures will be exhibited for students to view and explore. 

Department Chair for World Languages and Spanish Teacher Peter Reggie is excited for the opportunity to host the multicultural fair. 

“We just like to highlight the cultural diversity here at The Colony High School,” Reggie said. “Because we think it makes us a better school, and a better community.”

The Multicultural fair will include more than 20 students representing 20 different cultures. Each student will have a chance to illustrate their culture and teach students about it. To share their traditions, students are able to represent it however they would like, whether through food, music, scenery, dance, or however they believe would properly demonstrate it. 

“Students can learn and understand each other’s cultures through sharing,” Reggie said. “It’s important because it’s a way for them to see other students kind of, where they’re coming from.”

Senior Shannon Lee originally decided to participate after seeing the Multicultural Fair in her freshman year. 

“When I entered the room, the atmosphere changed and it felt like a completely new place. Everyone was lively and high-spirited,” Lee said. “I decided to participate because I loved being able to have that joyful experience and wanted other students to have that experience as well.”

Lee will be sharing her Korean Culture by presenting a slideshow, poster board, wearing traditional Korean clothing, and many different examples as well. She believes learning about other cultures can be beneficial and inspire people to recognize this.

“My favorite part about sharing my Korean culture with other people is because by sharing mine, I can learn about other cultures as well,” Lee said. “I love that we can reflect on our past, talk about our present, and predict our future by sharing cultures with others.”

French Teacher Jamie Slaughter encourages students to attend the fair. She believes that although it isn’t taught in the curriculum, learning about other heritages is important.

“It’s really neat to let people from different cultures kind of share what their heritage is and for people to learn from it,” Slaughter said. “You get to learn something but in a fun way, it’s not something you have to read from a book you can actually go and experience culture in your own school.”

Exchange student from Pakistan, Junior Ali Akbar decided to participate in the fair because he wants to share his culture and learn more about his country in the process.

“Because the United States is such a culturally diverse community and there’s people from all over the world, I think it’s important that people know about my culture and know about my country and its significance in the world,” Akbar said. “So I thought this was a great opportunity for me to represent my country.”

Students are invited to attend the fair so they can learn about different lifestyles that exist all around the school, and be taught by their fellow students. 

“I think students should come to the fair so they can see how diverse The Colony High School is,” Reggie said. “I always say this, we’re kind of like a salad, we’re all in the same bowl but each of us has different characteristics that makes us unique, yet we’re still together in that salad bowl.”