StuCo to Host Student vs Student Volleyball Game


Audrey Sharek

Student vs Student Volleyball game will take place Friday, March 4 during 4th period.

Student Council will host a Student vs. Student Volleyball game during 4th period March 4 to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They will be selling tickets for $2 during all lunches from Feb. 28 through March 3. 

All funds raised by the sold tickets will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: A charitable organization dedicated to curing blood cancer and improving the quality of life for patients struggling with these diseases. 

“The student versus student volleyball game is something new we’re doing so we decided that maybe it’ll have a lot more outcome for students going,” Gabriela Hernandez, Senior Student Body President said. “It’s a really good cause and we really like to help out with charities.”

Seniors and Freshmen will be going off against Sophomores and Juniors in the volleyball game. Student Council will be choosing students from different organizations throughout the school to keep the teams fair.

“Student Council wanted each grade level to have the same advantage,” Joann Nguyen, Public Relations Officer said.  “It is not all based on athletics so the whole school can enjoy.”

Because of COVID, Student Council was not able to fundraise like they have in past years. This event will be the first fundraising event Student Council has put on this year.

“This is our first (event) even since COVID happened and since three years ago so I think we just wanted to raise money, “ Nguyen said. “It’s just gonna be a friendly competition and I feel like every student would love to see that.”

Overall, Student Council is looking to raise as much money as they can for this Association and hope the rest of the high school is looking forward to the game as well.

“It brings the school together to know that we all raised this money together,” Hernandez said. “Altogether we were able to help this really good cause.”