Senior becomes member of top Texas choir


Courtesy: Daniel Feliberty Irizarry

Daniel became a member of the Texas All-State Tenor-Bass Choir, a dream come true for him.

Daniel Feliberty Irizarry became a member of the Texas All-State Tenor-Bass Choir at the Area Audition Jan. 8. After months of learning pieces and practicing, he was selected. The Texas All-State Tenor-Bass Choir is a nationally recognized choir and the most prestigious high school choir in the state of Texas.

Daniel attended four competitions in which he had to learn 10 college level songs total to compete for a position in the choir. The first competition took place in September and the last this past January. It’s expected that the songs are sung flawlessly with exemplary technique. 

Head choir director Margaret Miller explains just how important it was to hit everything on the note and express his own musicality.

“On top he had to do all the expression markings and everything you have to do to make the music come alive,” Miller said. “In order to make All-State you have to be talented, of course, and work really really hard.” 

This has been in the making for quite a while for Daniel. Choir has been a big part of Daniel’s life since the sixth grade when he first joined choir. Freshman year Daniel joined the varsity choir and has been in it his entire time in high school.

Becoming a member of this choir has been a dream for Daniel since his freshman year of high school all the way back in 2018.

“This opportunity is a dream for me,” he said. “The opportunity helps students like me to become better choral singers and become leaders in choir.”

Many people helped Daniel along the way to achieving his goal. He wanted to thank his choir directors, voice teachers, friends, and family for helping him along the way. Daniel gives extra thanks to head choir director Margaret Miller.

“The person who has helped me enormously through thick and thin has been Ms. Miller,” he said. “She has been my rock for this journey since All-State practice my freshman year.”

Miller comments that she believes her biggest influence in helping Daniel was critiquing and just being there for Daniel when he needed her. 

“When you have kids for four years you get really close to them,” Miller said. “He’s my choir president too and he has been super helpful–my go to guy.”

High school students across the state as far as El Paso and as close as Plano all participated in these competitions for a spot as well. Daniel will have to attend clinics with other directors, clinicians, and other students to strengthen his abilities. Daniel looks forward to being able to participate with the other students and work together to bring a piece of art to life with their singing abilities. 

“Even if I feel prepared individually for this challenge, the clinics will help everyone in the choir feel confident and strong,” Feliberty Irizarry said. “Not just individually, but collectively as one.”

As Daniel nears the end of high school he’s starting to take a look at what his life may look like in the near future. Daniel plans to attend college and to no surprise Daniel plans to have music present wherever he goes. 

“I would really like to keep pursuing music in college,” he said. “Even if I don’t major in music, a minor is always possible. I will most likely be part of a choir anywhere I go!”