Winter Guard Starts New Season


courtesy Ian Pilley

Winter guard prepares for the upcoming winter season

The Color Guard has begun their transition into the Winter season. They held two learning clinics Nov. 8, Nov. 9 and held auditions Nov. 11. 

“Our show is about angels for varsity and storms for junior varsity,” Color Guard Director Ian Pilley said.

Also known as Winter Guard, the guard puts together a show of their own. Typically, these performances aren’t performed with the band and in turn feature selections that don’t have to be solely instrumental. No experience is required to join the team, it’s open to all.

“We’re basically trying to encapsulate the relationship between a guardian angel and a human,” Mr. Pilley said. “And what that would look like.”

In comparison to marching season, their season takes place inside and offers another opportunity for the guard to expand their team.

“We are inside, so we don’t have to go outside and spin in the wind,” Guard Captain and Senior Trinity Robinette said. “The wind, if people don’t know, affects our tosses because you’re spinning a hollow metal stick in the air, a wooden stick and a metal stick, sabre.”

While during marching season, members are spread out across the field, Winter Season brings the team overall closer together as they aren’t as spread out. They perform together on what they call their floor. 

“It’s real fun, you’re closer with your guard friends,” Sophomore Domonique Shed said. “You’re not spread out across the field, you’re with each other, together.”

Varsity’s show will feature a golden floor and even props that members can stand on. Their show is meant to be a happy one, members will be able to smile and bring overall joy to their audience.

“I’m very excited for a happy show, because it’s not very common in the Winter Guard universe to watch a happy show,” Robinette said. “Winter Guard shows are usually known for being sad and dramatic because those are the most beautiful things. Seeing happy shows is always enjoyable and I’m excited to bring joy to whoever I perform to.”

As of right now, the guard has a total of 25 members for their winter season. This season centers around developing skills for each member regardless of what team they’re on, and includes developing skills such as acting and dance- style varies on the show.

“I used to be very scared to show who I actually am and by just meeting everyone, we’ve developed such a bond that I’m not scared to be myself around them anymore,” Freshman Madelynn Hinchliffe said. “It’s really helped me grow and find who I am.”

Their season will have six competitions. Both teams will be performing at the North Texas ColorGuard Association(NTCA) and Championships. Varsity will have two independent competitions, Winter Guard International Regionals.

“I expect it to be more challenging, of course, because we’re actually gonna go to competitions. We’re not just staying in the school, big gym, and performing for our parents,” Shed said. “You don’t get a million chances to record either, you perform once and that’s what the judges see.”

Their first performance featuring both teams will be Saturday, Jan. 22, at Coppell High School.

“I hope that we produce a good program of something that we’ll be proud of,” Mr. Pilley said. “And continue to grow the bond between varsity and JV so that we can further strengthen the colorguard program as a whole.”