Collegiate takes trip to UTD


courtesy photo

Collegiate seniors pose at UTD after a college visit.

Collegiate seniors took a trip to UT Dallas (UTD) on Nov. 5. The trip was meant for seniors to start looking for colleges to apply to and to get the overall experience of college.  This was an opportunity for the seniors to start looking for a campus to apply or attend there. 

Collegiate Academy Counselor Kahla Scrivner and Assistant Principal Kelly Kirkland went on the trip with the seniors.

“We wanted them to get a good feel of the entire whole campus to see if this is something that they are interested in or they might want to attend or maybe even apply to or go to school there,” Mr. Kirkland said. “So we want to give them an experience where they can go as a group so they gain experience which will  help them for their goals and their ambitions on going to college. We want all our students to go to college if that is the pathway for them.”

When seniors went to UTD they got to experience how college students at UTD lived. They experienced the dorms on campus, saw the classrooms, the activity center and much more.

“They had food robots that would deliver food to students across the campus and we got to see that,” Scrivner said. “It was really cool, overall the buildings are amazing, the landscaping was awesome, it’s a much bigger campus than what you were to expect. And I thought that was really cool too but the students really loved the food robots the best.”

Some of the things that they hoped they had was a tour guide, but they couldn’t due to COVID. 

“Other than that, it was still a lot of fun, the kids had a great time seeing a dorm room which they loved. We got to see their dining halls, all their buildings, so I still think they got a lot from the trip,” Scrivner said.

Scrivner says that going on college visits will benefit the students for their future. It gives them the time to start looking into colleges for their careers 

“Not everyone can always go on a lot of college visits, you know parents work and they have commitments outside of school and on weekends they might be working by themselves,” she said. “So being able to take our kids on a college visit I think it will be beneficial for them to do so and getting transportation down there and getting lunch down there.”