New Mayor of The Colony; father of alumni student


Courtesy of Richard Boyer (

Richard Boyer was elected as mayor after serving on the city council since 2009.

Richard Boyer was elected mayor for The Colony on Nov. 2, 2021 and he will be announced as mayor on Nov. 16. Voting began on Monday Oct.18 and ended on Oct. 29, 2021. He ran unopposed. 

Boyer has served The Colony as a council member since 2009. With his new title, he hopes to serve the city well as mayor. 

“I feel the expectations are very high for the future of our city and I want to make sure that our city’s leadership performs to meet and exceed those expectations,” Boyer said.  

Some of Boyer’s future plans for the city is to find more ways to repair and replace streets, alleys, and sidewalks. Doing all these plans to the city will make a huge improvement in the quality of life for the people. 

“Back then when you talked to someone in high school, they would say that there was never anything to do or place to go in The Colony and that to do anything fun, they’d have to go to other cities,” Boyer said. “Well, much has been done to address that and we are still working on that. So be on the lookout for more exciting things to come. Now it’s kids from other cities who are coming to The Colony for things to do.”

Boyer also has a connection to The Colony High School. His son, Grant Boyer, graduated the spring of last school year. When Richard Boyer was running for mayor, Grant Boyer was always there for his father. They would talk about it and as time came closer it started to feel more real for them. Grant is also looking forward to seeing the new changes made to The Colony.  

“I am very proud to have my dad as the mayor of the city I grew up in, it’s always been something we’ve been looking forward to,” Grant said. “He’s been on the city council and has been very involved in the community since 2009, so it feels like a lot of hard work has paid off.” 

In Grant’s opinion he says that being a Mayor’s kid does not change anything about him, and that he feels like any other kid in the city.

 “To be honest, being the mayor’s son feels like being anyone else’s kid,” Grant said. “I’m sure most kids get recognized by their parent’s peers and coworkers, the only difference is that the people just so happens to work for the city.”

Richard Boyer believes that The Colony is only going to get better and better. 

”I am proud of how much has been accomplished in The Colony and that we are in such a better place with a better reputation than what existed many years ago,” Boyer said. “I think people forget that all of our neighboring cities are 3 to 5 times larger than we are in population. This means there are some things they can do that we aren’t able to due to cost; however we have made so much progress and have such a bright future, it is hard not to feel excited to be in The Colony.”