Midterms Begin

Midterms are Thursday Oct. 6 and Friday, Oct. 7. Every semester, there is a midterm at the end of the first nine weeks, and a final exam at the end of the course. 

It is the first midterm of the year and many students are getting prepared for it. Freshman Ravyne Dibley is nervous about her first midterm but feels prepared.

“I looked over my notes and created quizlets for myself,” Dibley said. “I like seeing how much I remember from what we learned in those nine weeks.”

With these upcoming tests, many students have developed different ways of studying to progress their knowledge and prepare themselves for the midterm. Junior Zoe Arceneaux has been studying all week for the test.

“I use the pomodoro technique to push through,” Arceneaux said. ”I like midterms because they give me a chance to pull my grade up.”

Many students believe that the midterm, however, is not beneficial to their learning. Senior Jason Nguyễn feels that although he knows the material, it adds more pressure to the class.

“I dislike the idea of having midterms in general,” Nguyễn said. “I feel like midterms put more pressure on students with it being all in one week.”

With the addition of midterms, students also get early release on Friday, Oct. 7. Sophomore Macey Rodriguez is specifically excited for the half-day.

“I almost never get excited for tests, so I feel unhappy that we have to take them,” Rodriguez said. ”But I’m more looking forward to the longer weekend.”