Theatre Returns with a Full Schedule of Performances

Theatre Returns after a year with few performances

Theatre is back. As COVID-19 restrictions have begun to lift, theatre has been able to bring back productions this school year. 

Theatre will be performing two musicals: Spongebob the Musical and Something Rotten! Along with their musicals they will be putting on their annual “Christmas Comes to The Colony” and their UIL One Act Season. Theatre director, Morgan Craig, reveals that Spongebob the Musical was chosen on purpose.

“Spongebob will open up our season on Oct. 8,” Craig said. “We chose Spongebob because we knew it had a huge appeal especially among students.”

Students in theatre have expressed their excitement about being able to perform in front of a live audience again. Senior, Britney Lupian, plays Karen in the upcoming production of “Spongebob the Musical.”

“I am really looking forward to being able to perform,” Lupian said. “Musical comedies always fill the room with laughter, which is something I’ve missed since COVID.”

With productions being back and in full swing it has students feeling inspired and adamant to deliver extraordinary performances for their audiences. Senior, Grace Bynum, wants to put on a noteworthy performance after being a virtual learner last year.

“COVID-19 hit so hard and took performing away,” she said. “Knowing that we can have audiences again, we are determined to have great shows for them.”

Student’s aren’t just eager to perform in front of audiences again, they also revealed that they missed working with their cast members in person. 

“Working with a cast to make a cohesive piece of art is something you can not replace,” Lupian said.

Teachers have also noticed the motivation among their theatre students. They’ve been working hard to prepare for their shows and just finished up auditions. 

“There is a renewed excitement with the kids,” Craig said. “They are very excited to hear the laughter and applause from the audiences once again.”

The cast members are all together again to perform their upcoming show “Spongebob the Musical.” It has some students reflecting on their love and passion for what they do after the past rough year. 

“Sometimes you don’t realize how much you love doing something until the opportunity is taken away,” Bynum said.