Kindness Week comes to TC

TC Hosts Kindness Week 

Kindness Week for all of LISD campuses was hosted from Aug. 30 to Sept. 3. Kindness Week is a week that gives students a chance to focus on kindness, and to dress up throughout the week for the various dress up days.

Student dressed up for “Dreaming of Kindness” day where students could wear pajamas. (Cindel Murphy)

Kindness week was created by kindness advocate Houston Kraft, author of “Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way we Think, Talk and Act in Kindness.”  During Kindness Week, there are different events that school districts participate in to spread kindness. There are also daily kindness challenges for the school to complete. Kindness Week was created to remind students and school members to be kind to one another. 

“I think if we just take a moment to slow down to do the challenges and do the dares then it could remind us to be kind to one another,”Assistant Principal Bradley Willi said. “It’s a choice that everybody can make, so my hope for the kids is that we slow down, say this is important, and hopefully this does make an impact.”

Student Council Sponsor Jamie McCarty helps host Kindness Week. Students can sign up to be Kindness Ambassadors and can help during the week by greeting students with kindness as they enter school each day. McCarty believes the week is important for a campus to have to emphasize the need for kindness.

“I really enjoy seeing it when it’s genuine,” McCarty said. “A lot of kindness acts programs you to do it right then and there but it’s better when it’s genuine. There’s a lot of division in our country and world. I think having a uniting to be nice is great- you can’t go wrong with that.”

Teachers and coaches like Emma Petolick see Kindness Week as a way to make students feel secure on campus. 

“Kindness week makes me feel like The Colony as a whole really cares about making sure that our building is a safe and caring environment for our students and staff,” Petolick said. “It’s a nice reminder to our students that it is so important to be kind, but it’s also super easy to be kind.”