TCHS Band Presents Seraph: Marching Show of the 21-22 State Year

The TCHS Band has begun working on their show “Seraph” for this year’s state year, per UIL guidelines only allowing a state-qualifying season every other year.

“The broad general concept is angels,” Director Michael Larkin said. “Really the aim we’re going for is sophisticated, elegant, classy, and beautiful wrapped up all into one meaning of what an angel is.” 

The marching show, Seraph, was announced back in May of 2021. Featuring selections: The Moldeau by Smetana, Mysterious Mountain by Alan Hovhaness, Halo by Beyonce and Hallelujah by Lenoard Cohen, the show is meant to represent angels in various ways.

The band performs their new show “Seraph” Sept. 24. (Cindel Murphy)

“In the beginning, you hear the flute solo and it kind of sounds like angels fluttering,” Mr. Larkin said. “We wanted to introduce the angels as they were fluttering in, a.k.a the colorguard.”

Inspired by Sarah McLachlan’s “In the arms of an angel”, the design team made decisions in each selection to represent different aspects of an angel. Mr. Larkin said that Mysterious Mountain portrays the mystery of what an angel is and how mysterious it could be. In the beginning of the marching show, not only is there a flute and clarinet feature, Colorguard soloist Hannah Martin takes the spotlight in the center of the field. 

“The solo was actually given to me by surprise during band camp,” Junior Hannah Martin said. “Mr. Pilley had pulled me off to the side while I was getting ready and asked if I could do a cartwheel. When I said yes, he told me I would be having a solo part for the show.” 

From the beginning of the show, Colorguard Captain and Senior Trinity Robinette says that Martin’s solo is meant to make the audience truly believe they are angels. Martin’s solos tend to be dance-oriented, however during the second part of the performance when the band is performing Halo, Martin takes center of the field again as the band points towards the center, to toss the flag to Robinette, who spins to mimic angel wings for visual effect.

The color guard performs “Seraph” for the halftime show Oct. 15. (Ann Jacob)

“I really think Hannah was the best for this job,” Robinette said. “She’s so amazing at dance and makes it look effortless, even though I know she puts in a lot of effort.”

The show features many displays of visual effects. While colorguard features flags, sabres, and rifles throughout the show, the band creates formations on the field to tell the story and features choreography during “impact points.” Not only that, but with the help of parent volunteers, band parents created props to roll onto the field to emphasive the angelicism of the program. 

Putting all of this together falls onto the hands of drum majors: Fatima Carmona, Joseph Knieberg, and Anchal Amin. The drum majors can typically be found on the sidelines, standing on podiums and guiding the band by conducting and keeping the tempo.

“In comparison to past years, I think this is personally my favorite in terms of theme and such.” Head Drum Major and Senior Fatima Carmona said.

Drum major Fatima Carmona (12) leads the percussion section Aug. 27 for the first halftime show of the year. (Benjamin Middleton )

As she finishes her last year at TCHS, Carmona says she’s really happy that the show is going to be interesting. As the show developed and posed challenges in terms of difficulty, along with the upcoming state-year, this didn’t stop Carmona’s determination to earn the position of Head Drum Major. She says she feels confident that we will have a good show and season.

The percussionists perform at the Pink Out game Oct. 15. (Alondra Navarro )

“I really like, you know, the program and all,” Carmona said. “Not being necessarily in charge, but also being able to be the person someone could come to for help.” 

As of October 16th, the TCHS Band advanced to Area after earning unanimous one’s from the judges. The band will take on the field again to compete for State on October 24th at Prosper ISD. Their preliminary performance begins at 9:15 A.M.