Theatre gets a black box, still under construction

Theatre will have an addition of a black box when construction is completed. 

Theater director Dwayne Craig says that a black box is a black room that has seating against all four walls. The seating can be configured in many ways meaning it can be used for things other than theater.

“It’s also ranges for more intimate settings,” Craig said. “I think ours seats between 130 to 150 people. So it’s smaller versions of shows that you can do in a space like that.”

Theater student Belle Jayroe says she is ready to perform in the new black box.

“I am very excited, it’s a lot closer to the audience,” Jayroe said. “So I think it’ll really take a new perspective on shows and stuff, and include the audience in the show.”

There have been many delays in construction. The black box was originally supposed to be completed in August. Construction originally started in the summer of 2020. Delays have been due Covid-19 slowing down materials shipments. 

Despite all the delays, Baxter is very excited about the new theater.

“I am super excited about it,” Baxter said. “Not only is the black box beautiful but we have a brand new grand entry down there you know for students to come in and they just see that beautiful project every morning.”

Because there have been so many delays, no shows have been able to be performed in the black box, even ones originally planned. 

“Well we had originally scheduled our first musical in the space, but unfortunately, as you can tell, the space is unfinished,” Craig said. “We’re still going through some construction issues and delays and things so for the fall there will not be any productions in there because we’re still trying to get the lighting hung and things like that so we’re hoping maybe in the spring, but if not, for sure next fall.”