Soccer Girls Proud of Season


courtesy: tchs girls soccer twitter

Varsity soccer seniors at senior night. They girls went fourth in district.

This season the girls soccer team made it to the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year. For the first playoff game they were up against Frisco on March 24. Although the team did not win the match against Frisco they still managed to make it far.

“We were not expecting to do that well and we made it to the playoffs,” Girls Head Soccer Coach Tommy Ray said. “We overachieved, we over performed and we went to play.”

Girls soccer overall had a good season leading up to the playoffs. As the season progressed the girls managed to win their last two games prior to the playoffs. They played against McKinney North on March 10 winning the game 5-1. In their game against Denison on March 18, they also did well with 6-1 on the scoreboard.

This soccer season allowed the team to build together to work their way up to playoffs. 

“It was a strong start then turned kinda rocky but it happens in soccer,” Varsity soccer player Kenya Reynolds said. “It is a low scoring game which makes it so special because anything can happen but we never gave up no matter the score we kept pushing through.”

As a team, the girls like a challenge in order for them to test themselves and have a good game. One of the schools they enjoyed playing was Rockhill this season as the girls are always up for a challenging opponent to play against. 

The season overall brought the girls close together. They had a team dinner before the playoff game in honor of the season.

 “Honestly I’ve never felt closer to my teammates until that day,” Reynolds said.

Coach Ray is proud of the girls’ success. 

“My team is always willing” when it comes to growing and becoming better,” Ray said. “They’re a tight knit team that has had a great season with a motive to make it as far as they possibly can. They’re a hard working group. They’re always working.”