Senior Sunrise, New Date Oct. 21

Senior Sunrise has been rescheduled to Oct. 21, following rain Oct. 1 the original date for the event.  

Senior Sunrise is an event where seniors come together to enjoy a meal together and watch the sunrise to kick off their senior year. The event takes place on the football field at Tommy Briggs Stadium. The gates will open at 6:30 a.m. to start the viewing of the sunrise. 

Science Teacher Curry Goff is a senior sponsor this year. He plays an important part in this event and informs seniors about the upcoming events via email. Goff feels that this event is symbolic to seniors. 

“It’s like the sun is rising on your senior year,” Goff said. “Then at the end of the year we will do a sunset, where it will be like the sun is setting on their senior year.” 

Students can get a meal to eat and watch the sunrise for $10. Although breakfast can be purchased, students can bring their own food. There will be breakfast, games, snacks, drinks and a photo booth at the event. 

 Zoey Livingston is a senior student and will be attending the senior sunrise event. 

“Me and my friends are going together,” Livingston said. “We are going to do the games and chill and hangout.” 

She feels like she is both prepared and unprepared to graduate because although she has always been independent there are ways that she feels like she won’t be able to support herself yet. She is excited to have traditions to take part in her senior year to make it memorable. 

Ashlynn Barrett is another senior that will be attending the senior sunrise event and feels like graduating is good and bad. 

“It is good because you’re glad to be out, but it can be scary doing something new,” Barrett said. 

The sunrise was rescheduled leaving some students sad. 

“I am disappointed that it got rescheduled,” Barrett said. “But I look forward to when it does happen.”