Second Pep Rally of Semester

The bleachers were packed with freshmen and sophomores on one side and juniors and seniors on the other. Friday Sep. 24, there was a pep rally held in the main gym. The theme was “Take the Titans Back in Time,” so students and staff dressed in attire from different decades.

The cheerleaders cheered while Topcats performed a dance for the crowd. Teachers and students participated in games that determined which grade level would win the spirit stick. 

“I love pep rallies,” Senior Kaitlyn Said said. “I think they’re a great opportunity for the school to come together and feel the community that TCHS can offer. It’s also a way to bolster the football team and remind them of all the people that support them throughout the season.”

The pep rally had two games to play in order to win the spirit stick, the first one being a teacher dance battle.

It was cool to get out and dance in front of the whole school,” football Coach Earl Horton said. “It was a chance to show the student body that teachers can have just as much fun as the student body.”

Each grade level was represented by a teacher who danced to popular music from different decades during the dance battle.

My favorite part of the pep rally was when the students went to each teacher that was representing their class and participated with them,” Horton said. “It was a great chance to show camaraderie and a creation of a family atmosphere.”

 Multiple students from each grade level left the stands to dance with the teacher representing their grade for a better chance at winning the spirit stick.

“My favorite part of the pep rallies are the games they do,” Junior Tyler Cross said. “They are cool to watch.”

The last game that was played was musical chairs. In this game one student from each grade that is in Model UN represented their class in an event to win the spirit stick.

 “Playing in front of the school can be nerve racking, because there’s so many people watching,” musical chair participant Kaitlyn Said said.

The amount of student involvement and school spirit during pep rallies, games, spirit days, competitions and other events is high this year. Last year there were only virtual pep rallies students could view during Friday’s live announcements. 

“I missed having pep rallies last year,” Cross said. “But it’s kinda like one of those things you don’t realize you miss until it’s gone.”

Pep rallies are a time for students and staff to stand and shout to show how much they love their school.

“No one really realizes how hard everyone works,” Cross said. “So being able to go to pep rallies kinda serves as a small break from everything going on.”

After the games and cheer stunts were finished the band played the school song and the spirit stick was given to the sophomores. The school spirit didn’t end there. It was carried over to the football game where the Cougars took on the Centennial Titans (back in time) with a 24-3 win. 

I am glad that we were able to bring back pep rallies because it gives students a chance to see and show true school spirit, and support of each sport or UIL event,” Horton said.