New press box, multipurpose athletic facility in sight for TCHS campus


Ethan Bezich

Final approval two new construction projects was recently granted by the Board of Trustees, the last of the 2017 LISD Bond Package at The Colony High School.

Construction includes a new, on-campus multipurpose facility that will connect to the current Big Gym in the South Tennis Court Alley area.

Additionally, the package includes the construction of a new Tommy Briggs Cougar Stadium Press Box.

Construction is now underway, and the soonest completion date stems from the new Tommy Briggs Cougar Stadium Press Box – set to be completed this upcoming summer, 2023.

Completion of the new TCHS Multipurpose Facility is currently estimated to be Spring of 2024. 

Several on-campus changes have begun with construction in-progress. 


– The student parking lot will have blockages, and the tennis court alleyway will be shut down indefinitely.

– All parking for staff will be located in the main teacher parking lot.

– All TCHS parking and traffic flow will see delays and impacts due to the closures around the building.

Gameday/ Practice Athletic facility access

-Students who need access to outdoor athletic facilities will have to exit the school by the dance room/volleyball locker room area, and re-enter on the east side of the tennis courts.

-All home side access during soccer season will be eliminated this year. All fans for soccer games will sit on the visitors side. Soccer games and schedules will not be impacted.

-Entry to events in the gymnasium will be via the sidewalk leading up to the Black Box Lobby and then turning right on a sidewalk leading to the gymnasium ramp. Once up the ramp fans will enter into the gymnasium lobby as normal.