Special Olympics at TC April 9


courtesy Misty Graham

The Special Olympics Track and Field day will take place at The Colony High School April 9.

The annual LISD Special Olympics Track and Field Day will return 0n April 9 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at The Colony High School at Tommy Briggs Stadium. Lakeview Middle School will be the host of the event, but students from all over LISD will be included.

This event will bring LISD together in one place to support each other. Life Skills teacher at Lakeview Middle School, Misty Graham, brought this event to LISD after seeing a video of a former student participating in a Special Olympics race in another district. 

“I knew we needed something like that in our district,” Graham said. “I ran track all throughout high school and knew the basics of a track meet, but wasn’t sure how to organize such a grand event. I decided to network and email anyone and everyone in LISD for support and guidance, and LISD is a community that works together. The support among all was incredible.” 

The students get to participate in a variety of track and field events. The coaches also participate and parents can go support them as well. Life Skills teacher Jennifer Shaw is going to be present and a large part of the event. She is excited about having the event take place here and the fun that it brings. 

“It gives all the students a chance to shine as athletes and also to get involved with gen ed peers and for the community to just cheer them up and feel included,” Shaw said.